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Comment from : 8년코모리

Comment from : 8년코모리

So far I have only listened to the start of the middle section of the first scherzo. Tempo is way too fast!!!
Comment from : CJ G

Angelo B.
This entire performance is 8 minutes shorter than Pogorelich’s. Grosvenor crunched that 1st Scherzo in just 8 and a half minutes and made every bit of it just as memorable. Grosvenor is certainly a pianist I’ll come back to but Pogorelich is what I’d typically listen to first on a regular day.
Comment from : Angelo B.

Tim Ward
wow, that Scherzo 1 is a thrill ride. So fast and light, and well-voiced. I normally don't like Scherzo 1 as much as 2 or 3, but Grosvenor sells me on it.
Also, props to AXK for repeatedly working the word "coruscating", a marvelous and underused word, into his descriptions.

Comment from : Tim Ward

Chang-yong Lee
1:48 - 1:55 What happens. Very impressive & unheard-of lower-layer melody emphasis.
Comment from : Chang-yong Lee

Peter Rabitt
The first scherzo is like an etude on the theme of insanity.
Comment from : Peter Rabitt

Comment from : TheGreenPianist

Thomas Manton
Too fast double tempo.
Comment from : Thomas Manton

Lenny Online
It's hard to fault him. He has a superb sense of structure and dynamic balance. He just lacks an emotional dramatic component and the turbo energy for a really fine bravura performance. But this piano playing idealism is all in my head and hardly any pianist can match up to that... but Grosvenor is very good. He plays with spine and does not give in to uncalled for rubato nor to maudlin expressions.
Comment from : Lenny Online

Sam Lander
Some 'fat hunter' this guy turned out to be. Amazing musicianship, commensurate with his technique.
Comment from : Sam Lander

Hyramess Hiramess
Simply –– the BEST. I'm in my late seventies, and have made a serious study of the piano and its literature for 69 years. I've studied all of the Scherzi and given creditable performance of all but the one in C#-Minor, but never –– even in my wildest dreams or those of any of my distinguished teachers at Julliard, Eastman, and Mannes –– have I ever dared to even IMAGINE that these pieces could be played with such grace, wit, élan, effortless ease and tremendous refinement at speeds impossible for many great players of the past to attain. Grosvenor is not only a PIANISTIC genius, he is gifted with a rare degree of interpretive INSIGHT as well. His Chopin and Ravel are absolutely SUPERB almost to the poi[nt where has no real competition. In a world overcrowded with superhuman virtuosi (you know who most of them are, I'm sure) Ben Grosvenor stands head and shoulders above the current pantheon of elite masters of the keyboard. I'm most interested to hear what he might do with Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann and Brahms. By the way those who persist in denigrating Lang Lang are as opaque and obtuse as a sack full of sand, stones and dog turds. Lang Lang's Schumann ABEGG variations and his early LIVE performance of the Chopin E0Mnor concert are on the same level as Grosvenor's Scherzi, and his Beethoven concerto performances with Christoph von Eschenbach are of the highest quality.
Comment from : Hyramess Hiramess

Novell Music Media-Novell Allen
Comment from : Novell Music Media-Novell Allen

Wayne Leigh
Interesting approach and he has what it takes to carry it through. The only one I have issue with is the 3rd. It doesn't work for me. There I prefer a heavier, slower tempo than his.
Comment from : Wayne Leigh

die beste Interpretation
Comment from : yuehchopin

Chirag Bharadwaj
Just curious -- what was wrong with the other upload?
Comment from : Chirag Bharadwaj

Grosvenor?!?!? Really?!?!?
Who' s next, lang lang?
What' s gotten into you?
I am not sure if i can keep the subscribed to your channel thing, at this rate...

Comment from : Terryss

Adam R
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. Amazing how good music can sound. These pieces give me shivers. Wow!
Comment from : Adam R

Easily the reference recording for me
Comment from : OpusTravels

Very interesting interpretations. I keep learning new ways to explore and play no.2
Comment from : auron570

Grosvenor is amazing, I've seen a video of him on YT at 12(?) years playing at a concert at the Billy Mayerl Society, and he played the first Scherzo as well, unbelievable well for that age.
Comment from : Macgki

Gian Franco Carrera
This is so beautiful. An excelent interpretation. Thank your for the time you took to upload. Nice description as well. Where did you learn all of that?
Comment from : Gian Franco Carrera

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