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Scott Weaver
I'll bet the score doesn't indicate constant accelerations and decelerations. But I enjoyed this performance.
Comment from : Scott Weaver

Danny Boy
Wow didn't know George o'malley could play the piano this well
Comment from : Danny Boy

Paul Jones
Having a lot of chops always tempts the pianist to whiz through everything merely because they can. But the results are a total circus, a freak show. BUT THE AUDIENCES, THE ROMANS IN THE COLESSEUM CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT. decadent.....................
Comment from : Paul Jones

bill Bloggs
Lots of mistakes hough is the best English pianist today, but Hamelin is the worlds best
Comment from : bill Bloggs

David Andersen
Genuis never shows off, it flies and is free. This man is only soaring higher, and going to places we can never be.
Comment from : David Andersen

trucoalaspardas alaspardas
Espectacular!!!! Es pec ta cu lar!
Comment from : trucoalaspardas alaspardas

The Blu-ray and DVD Collector
Wow what talent
Comment from : The Blu-ray and DVD Collector

Isaac the PSI Tactician
Comment from : Isaac the PSI Tactician

rip in pepperonies
Brahms is my favorite piece.
Comment from : rip in pepperonies

Johannes Brahms
This is obviously a daring finger dance devised by the great Cziffra. Such fun to listen and watch as he dazzles the crowd with not only astounding technique but brilliant musicality. Bravissimo!
Comment from : Johannes Brahms

Michael Crake
9what a musician
Comment from : Michael Crake

raymond good
to quote robert schumann," hats off, gentlemen, a genius!"
Comment from : raymond good

Karo Pambukyan
magnus carlsen)))
Comment from : Karo Pambukyan

Comment from : Gabril

Jaegone Kim
You are my favorite pianist
Comment from : Jaegone Kim

Murat Arman
I do not understand whether the Concertmaster is jealous or an idiot personality. 1: When the soloist plays, the arche is not lifted. 2: Even if the soloist plays badly, the face should not reflect it. Evil is flowing from the Concertmaster's face. I can say it's definitely a bad person.
Comment from : Murat Arman

This absolutely outstanding playing!
Comment from : Babouloukoumkablam

esther Szalay
What a wonderful talent! Thank you
Comment from : esther Szalay

Stunning technique, however his interpretation of this piece hardly moves me.
Comment from : pigolet2178

Martin Hatchuel
Comment from : Martin Hatchuel

Russell Tay
Didn't know Tyrion Lanister played piano
Comment from : Russell Tay

Hardly made any mistakes
Comment from : jools20

Rico G
Utterly amazing performance. I could watch him play this over and over. I have the sheet music and it doesn't look as difficult to play as say Godowsky, but it is tricky. Benjamin Grosvenor makes it look easy. His fingers almost skim over the keys. His touch is amazing and the colour and tone he obtains from such s light touch is clearly prodigious. He played Glinka-Balakirev's The Lark when he was nine years old with the touch and musicality of some concert pianists many times his age. Grosvenor is an amazing talent.
Comment from : Rico G

Piano Teacher East Auckland
It's simply magic!
Comment from : Piano Teacher East Auckland

Арарат Тумасян
Comment from : Арарат Тумасян

Why does no one mention, that this is Cziffra's transription?
Comment from : Macgki

It's come a long way from when I used to sit in the school hall watching him play when we was like 11, I tell you that.
Comment from : thepsychosheep

Camille Bouchard
I love ++++
Comment from : Camille Bouchard

Jan Petter Lindsetmo
Fun! Wayne Rooney of the grand piano. Pur joy to hear. Thank you.
Comment from : Jan Petter Lindsetmo

Russell Thompson
Wonderful! Incredible technique and finger dexterity.
Comment from : Russell Thompson

Jonathan Petruska
Comment from : Jonathan Petruska

Bravo, inspired and brilliant playing.
Comment from : Danali45

Mind blowing. He's playing in SIngapore on 22 Jun at international piano festival. Bought the first row ticket already. Can't wait to see his performance live. I hope my 8 year old daughter can be inspired by him n practice more everyday. Ha.
Comment from : blacktulip1234

Luke Collins
It's not Brahms, it's Brahms-Cziffra, please differentiate.
Comment from : Luke Collins

Kate Baysal
I love benjamin hes awesome i wish i could meet
Comment from : Kate Baysal

The Proms are intended to be informal concerts. That's why many of the tickets, including those in the best areas, are actually standing. Look at the end during the applause and the standing promenaders up front are wearing polo shirts and shorts. I don't think he is inappropriately dressed at all, especially for someone who had just had his 19th birthday a week earlier.
Comment from : gotham61

omg i wish i could do that!!! lol. he's so incredible he makes me laugh. so many years ahead to enjoy him too.. (:
Comment from : jansumi

Tahmas Shiraza
I think this is Cziffras piano transcription
Comment from : Tahmas Shiraza

Marta Machado
You can't get better than that!
Comment from : Marta Machado

Alexandre Amirat Garcia Salva
It's the CZIFFRA's version, a more virtuosistic piece. Very good pianist! Congratulations!
Comment from : Alexandre Amirat Garcia Salva

maybe he's a 20 year old who's developing his own style, i think he looks stylish, I could see Nick Drake dressing similar
Comment from : StereoSoundAgent

Robert Lee, Countertenor
He really is fantastic But why the messy hair and attire? I don't get it. Is that supposed to be sexy or "hip" because he's young and maybe it would be unexpected for a slob to play so wonderfully so it's a gimmick?
Comment from : Robert Lee, Countertenor

goddam that was incredible, played with real fire and sensitivity
Comment from : Yeah

K zamora
I LOVE YOU!! :))) !!!!
Comment from : K zamora

BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : MARIA ANGELA Pires

It's so hard to find a good Brahms interpreter nowadays...Grosvenor nails this piece. The more I see of this kid, the more I like his playing
Comment from : devdas14224

Went to school with this chap. WHSB!!
Comment from : RSbeastish

fefceac radu
this is the next level in music!!!!!!
Comment from : fefceac radu

Comment from : gordoboy18

Love the expression of the violinist at 3:00...me too, buddy.
Comment from : jcims

2:25...mind officially blown.
Comment from : TINY_TIGERS

Michael Mitchell
Lang Lang take note!! Benjamin Grosvenor is about to blow you out of the water!!
Comment from : Michael Mitchell

If learning the notes would be the biggest problem everybody could do that. The biggest problem is probably to play this without making it sound blurry and inaccurate. :)
Comment from : darkblueflow

jasper pastijn
good for benjamin cause glenn gould is dead!
Comment from : jasper pastijn

You are absolutely state of the art. Superb. Just superb, and you make it sound so easy, but it so is not!
Comment from : RImAPhan

hey, this kid is pretty good! he's no Lang Lang, but he knows how to make this music interesting. Maybe one day he can come close to Lang Lang's celestial heights.
Comment from : LLismyPianoHero

I've been all over the internet, seen every kind of thing you can imagine, and I think I can say, without a doubt, that there are NO trolls quite like Classical Music Trolls. The meanest, most casually cruel, pretentious and hideously, mentally deformed freaks anywhere on the web.
Comment from : MrFaceHead

Edward Moore
Witty Response
Comment from : Edward Moore

This guy is OK, but he is no Glenn Gould
Comment from : khunopie

Glenn Gould one of the greatest pianists of all time and certainly a hell of alot greater than you will ever be!
Comment from : MrTomt1990

Are you deaf? Gould .. idiot Are you North Korean may be?
Comment from : kinkokonko

Andres Lee
I believe the correct term in your British terms is "wanker," yes? Man, I hope self-respecting British people don't see this!
Comment from : Andres Lee

Andres Lee
it is a virtuoso transcription, so a lot of cziffra/liszt comes off vs. the brahms waltz itself, thought he couldve done more to play with the tune
Comment from : Andres Lee

Andres Lee
i'm going to be the bigger man here and just not engage in a verbal jousting match on youtube, no place for haters you bitch; and btw, if you actually think Glenn Gould is an idiot, you've clearly never heard any good recordings of Bach or Berg or Sibelius, so i dont have a need to take ignorant comments like yours seriously or to heart
Comment from : Andres Lee

Andres Lee
woah woah woah, what, calling glenn gould an idiot? sorry?
Comment from : Andres Lee

Glenn Gould maybe think about music This is Kissin. Whay next??
Comment from : kinkokonko

Maran Nebbeling
if you play piano you'll notice that remembering a piece is actually for everyone doable :)
Comment from : Maran Nebbeling

george harliono
Wow! I love the way he plays this. I have to practise!!!
Comment from : george harliono

@BGDPPL That yabbdabbadoo phrase does stick in the mind.
Comment from : walshamite

Comment from : walshamite

James Rose
very good but Cziffra has a weird 4th finger than regularly goes above the 5th! Cziffras still safe as the best pianist ever.
Comment from : James Rose

I went to primary school with him. Fair to say he is a bit more successful than me.
Comment from : KatyG26

Tom Chang
Has any one got sheet music for this?
Comment from : Tom Chang

This is of course the Brahms Hungarian Dance 5 in the virtuoso transcription by Cziffra. He brought a fine lyrical touch to the Liszt second concerto and didn't seem overawed by the big occasion. Maybe with more experience and confidence he will bring more diablerie and abandon to these works. A remarkable pianist.
Comment from : piano345

Dee Kv
to remember the notes is not hard. However, not to ruin the music by playing it thousands and thousands times is really hard. I think he is amazing.
Comment from : Dee Kv

@Dulciethecat Yes Lang Lang certainly overdoes alot of his antics, but the music itself lacked that extra spice, that little bit of wait, that ability to leave the audience hanging, that assertive tone that you need to have liszt! As one review put it, it 'lacked the smell of sulpur.' But still a fine performance from an extraordinarily mature young pianist!
Comment from : Ethan

some skill to remember each note without sheet music and how he is playing just amazes me :D
Comment from : Mookia

Mark Thurman
Amazing. Gobsmacked.
Comment from : Mark Thurman

Superb technique, but I was a little disappointed with the Liszt Concerto - commands an authority of the piano remarkable for his age, and mastered his nerves well, but it was never going to be anything special. Lacked that performance magic, that little bit of extra presense, that makes you look up and think, wow, this is virtuoso - Chopin was capable of the same problem, 'mastering enormous difficulties without the audience noticing them' was the phrase. I just wanted more special.
Comment from : Ethan

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