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Comment from : 원려

Douglas Kurz
Easily among the very best young pianists in the world today.
Comment from : Douglas Kurz

Chris Malone
So, a few people disliked this because.........it was raining that day? Too much glare on the side of the piano? You didn't like his haircut?
Comment from : Chris Malone

Carlos Rico
I enjoyed a LOT his playing. I particularily admire his powerfull fingers that do not require lots of fake movements to achieve a full range of sound. Simply A GREAT PIANST
Comment from : Carlos Rico

Ken W Anderson
Benjamin thank you for sharing this recording of you with us! I am always left in awe of the developed talent and musicianship that pours out of you...a giftedness by the Creator. How blest you are and in turn such a blessing to us.
Comment from : Ken W Anderson

Comment from : sfsphil

Grosvenor understands Liszt perfectly. He's the best Liszt player I've ever heard.
Comment from : N L

Roberto Boschelli
Great performance...great control of the keyboard. You are super
Comment from : Roberto Boschelli

Roberto Boschelli
Great performance...great control of the keyboard. You are super
Comment from : Roberto Boschelli

Lester Lester
I never thought a British pianist can play with such pianistic and artistic excellence, better than my old LP recordings of it.
Comment from : Lester Lester

Köln Bbf jr.
My favourite interpretation of that piece, I could melt away listening to this record!
Comment from : Köln Bbf jr.

ff 51
These 10 "thumbdowns" are utterly annoying because not followed by a comment
which should be compulsory. They should be forbidden without a comment.
Don't you think???

Comment from : ff 51

Antonello Matturris
Musician; not a typewriter
Comment from : Antonello Matturris

Amazing pianist and amazing performance
Comment from : Rudel23

Max Lima
This boy is a genius.
Comment from : Max Lima

Elio Olivero
Comment from : Elio Olivero

Kenneth Kelley
What a gorgeous sound through the arpeggios through the 50sec mark
Comment from : Kenneth Kelley

I'm positive he is actually channeling Liszt's spirit.
Comment from : Sitbon

Martha Bihari
Interesting interpretation, virtuosic and emotional. However, the title is misleading. It makes one think that you are the composer. It should read something like this: Benjamin Grosvenor plays Liszt: Tarantella, S.162 Please correct it.
Comment from : Martha Bihari

Christopher Czaja Sager
ah....here the "instrument of the Immortals'...what a wonder with one of the new "Immortals' still quite alive and blazing
Comment from : Christopher Czaja Sager

Lali MacKay
Heard this on a Liszt playlist on Spotify. Definitely one of the clearest and more emotionally played versions 💕💕
Comment from : Lali MacKay

Nikolaos Angelidis
Phenomenal accuracy and sentiment!
Comment from : Nikolaos Angelidis

Waundell Saavedra
Fantastic! very crisp and lively.
Comment from : Waundell Saavedra

Gary Gall
Oooh those spiders!
Comment from : Gary Gall

Charles Davis
Dear Young Sky Walker; You're taking us on a mighty journey with you. We'll be watching/listening to you for a long time. Your love, talent and enthusiasm draw us to your like gravity. Blessings on all you love... though the all of time and space.
Comment from : Charles Davis

Harits Prabowo
8:22 he made it so grande
Comment from : Harits Prabowo

Stefano Lostia
Formidabile Beniamino : la più bella tarantella mai ascoltata ; più coinvolgente di quella pur bellissima di Ciccolini . Un vero portentoso talento con tecnica pari a Cziffra e musicalità straordinaria . Chi esegue meglio di Benjamin Liszt ? Lo aspettiamo per l’integrale delle rapsodie ... si affiancherà, un passettino avanti, a Michele Campanella. Grazie Ben .. presto sarai fra i grandissimi .
Comment from : Stefano Lostia

6 people don't like this ???? Mysteries of the human mind....
Comment from : Eric BUTRUILLE

just phenomenal. I have no words!
Comment from : newgeorge

The Piano Corner TPC
What a musician.
Comment from : The Piano Corner TPC

Julia Pikalova
Crafted fingers, zero content. (I see my opinion would be unpopular here, but we don’t need to be all the same.)
Comment from : Julia Pikalova

darren motise
So great. And finally a pianist who doesn't play with his mouth agape. Great to see someone play with mouth shut.
Comment from : darren motise

Benjamin, your piano playing is absolutely exquisite. Such wonderful touch and clarity of articulation not to mention your sensitivity and beautiful interpretation are truly miraculous. Your pianism reminds me of my most favourite pianist the long lamented Dinu Lipatti. I wish you every success and a long long long career
Comment from : Ariadne7710

i bet this guy is amazing at fortnite!
Comment from : S73PJY1971

I just can't get into liszt save for very few pieces and his orchestral works
Comment from : NickB

R. Ive
The unmistakable sound of a beautiful Steinway and Benjamin.
Comment from : R. Ive

Liszt-Chopin Enthusiast.
He is definitely the new Georgy Cziffra!

Comment from : Liszt-Chopin Enthusiast.

Elizabeth Alexander of Park Street Piano
Best way to spend 9:05 mins, watching Benjamin Grosvenor play, and this Tarantella is scintilliating.
Comment from : Elizabeth Alexander of Park Street Piano

Zaira Valenz
this is my favorite version of the tarantella 😍😍
Comment from : Zaira Valenz

You are perfect
Comment from : Gabril

Phenomenal talent blossoming before our eyes ,and ears. Extraordinary concentration and sensitivity from start to finish.Move over Brendel, Gilels & Richter, there’s a new kid on the block. Even the microphones gather round to watch 6:19 ! as seeing is believing. Simply astounding.
Comment from : MissMark999

Jesse Sabo
I love how he seemingly floats in and out of phrases. What Incredible control. Breathtaking virtuosity!
Comment from : Jesse Sabo

Guido Vernaglione
Ha un tocco magico e una tecnica superlativa. Che meraviglia di pianista...
Comment from : Guido Vernaglione

Clarence Hannon
What an Artist! This is so beautiful, and I am having the privilege of listening to it! I only wish I could hear him in person!
Comment from : Clarence Hannon

Why is it the front key slip of the piano is removed and sitting on the stage?
Comment from : praestant8

Couldn't even wait for the technicians to finnish putting the piano back together could you. Good on you dude.
Comment from : pocoapoco2

Terrific playing - scinitillating where needed and sentimental where needed. Bravo Benjamin! (And good to see that the posture is much better these days!)
Comment from : paulprocopolis

Nelson José Pérez-Sosa
I am in awe!! A unique touch and supreme musicality.What a gift!!!
Comment from : Nelson José Pérez-Sosa

David PZ Wong
Phenomenal playing! Your are so musical that I forget all about the razzle-dazzle aspect of the piece.
Comment from : David PZ Wong

Tom Furgas
Brilliant, poetic, and technically first-rate. His control of phrasing and dynamics is perfect. THE pianist of Romantic music for the 21st century. BRAVO!
Comment from : Tom Furgas

Andre Vietor
Benjamin, thanks so much for sharing this video. Liszt is one of my favorite composers. It's a piece which is both beautiful and challenging. You're such a huge talent and actually one of the very few pianists who is able to make me cry when listening to your performances. Beautiful playing, amazing technique but after all it is your amazing musicality that moves me. I am going to see you in a concert in 2 months time. Really look forward to that experience!
Comment from : Andre Vietor

Ken W Anderson
Well Benjamin, as you see, the approbations of praise are profuse and rightly so. Thank you for sharing this phenomenal piece. I just want to encourage you to continue to love piano playing as it is the gift God has given you - and you've developed it wonderfully. Keep sharing and enjoying. Warmly. Ken
Comment from : Ken W Anderson

Thomas Marshall
Ben is a fantastic young pianist. I heard him live about a week ago. He is the real thing.
Comment from : Thomas Marshall

Soren Windahl
Like people who play chess, they keep silent
Comment from : Soren Windahl

Foruroligende Ælling
Even the hardest, most virtuosic passages has a sense of meaning, emotion, content and idea. A truly profound performance.
Comment from : Foruroligende Ælling

Philippe Yared
Unbelievable! Through contrasts, nuances and supreme intelligence, he actually makes this piece much better than what it usually is, even under other prestigious fingers!
Comment from : Philippe Yared

Primary Key Music
Strange how his sleeve is turned up on the over-the-shoulder angle, but not the others. ;)
Comment from : Primary Key Music

nice but all technique just practice for years have a brain and good chops maybe lucky to memorise easily then there you have it a pianist
Comment from : sam333

Danilo Valentini
A pleasure to listen to and to look at. Great Benjamin
Comment from : Danilo Valentini

dimitra dimitriu
Sometimes you have to be more expressive and full of energy...Liszt's pieces need that emotion I think.
Comment from : dimitra dimitriu

Mr Grosvenor!!! This Interpretation is really complete!!! Finest sounds, delicious agogics, impressive virtuosity, ans a most carefull score reading. Really inspiring!!! Thank you!
Comment from : vladibaby79

KiliK Kwan
Comment from : KiliK Kwan

Ron Solomon
Comment from : Ron Solomon

teddy toto
Comment from : teddy toto

Awesome ! It's very rare to have such a clear view of the fingers at work, it's a marvel for amateur pianists like me, and we can even see the pedals by looking inside the piano.
I was at your concert in La Roque D'anthéron last year, it brings back a great memory. It would be even greater if you could film pieces you played recently which are not on your new cd (the Chopin's second sonata you cancelled there ? would love to hear that).

Comment from : JPAM3891

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